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About Me

I am a researcher, writer, and educator with a decade of experience in Australia's higher education sector. My teaching and research has been recognised by leading professional bodies, and I have published widely in key national, international, scholarly and popular forums. I have undergraduate degrees in history and philosophy, graduate training in higher education, and a research doctorate in history. I am currently completing a graduate law degree. My focus in academia has been the history of the Scots in Australia and the history of the Western District of Victoria. My first book was The Scots in Australia: 1788-1938 (Boydell Press 2017). My most recent book is Gariwerd: An Environmental History of the Grampians (CSIRO Publishing 2020), which won the Local History Small Publication Award in the 2020 Victorian Community History Awards. I am also a freelance writer and contribute to a range of publications on diverse subjects including classical music, religion, and history.

My Research


Scotland and the British Empire

My research on the histories of Scotland and the British Empire has focused on Scottish migration, settlement, culture, businesses, and politics in Australasia and, more recently, Africa. I am the author of The Scots in Australia: 1788-1938 and in 2019 was a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow. I am currently an Associate of the Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies at the University of Otago and a Fellow fo the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. My current research in this area includes an ongoing project collecting Scottish diaspora poetry, and research into the economic and business connections between Scotland and British settler colonies in Australasia and Africa. I blog regularly at The Scottish Australian.


Australian business history

As a research assistant in business history at both the Macquarie Business School and the University of Wollongong, I have worked on projects that research the corporate elite in twentieth century Australia, the nature and impact of interlocking directorates in large Australian industrial and financial firms, and the history of multinational enterprises in Australia over the last one-hundred years.


Victorian environmental history

My second book, Gariwerd: An Environmental History of the Grampians, is an environmental and social history of the Gariwerd mountain ranges and Grampians National Park in the Western District of Victoria. Gariwerd was recognised as a winner in the 2020 Victorian Community History Awards and was shortlisted for the Victorian Premier's History Award. I have also published on the history of land management and conservation in Australia's defence forces. As an Honorary Associate at La Trobe University's Centre for the Study of the Inland, I have published research on the environmental, social, and economic histories of the Newer Volcanics Province of south-east Australia.

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Experience, research, and publications

You can find a list of academic publications, and more information about my background and experience, at my La Trobe University profile. A full list of my current scholarly publications is also available below. You can also get in touch to discuss my research using the details below.


Feel free to get in touch with me via email:

Publications and papers


Gariwerd: An Environmental History of the Grampians, CSIRO Publishing, 2020

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Forthcoming and in preparation

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